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Written by Eddy Santoso   
May 04, 2010 at 08:50 PM
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• 1000W (KV 1500), 2000W (KV 2500), 4000W (KV 5000), 5000W (KV 6000), 8000W (KV10000), 13.000 W (KV 15000) or 18.000 W (KV 20000) output power in continuous service: all parts used in these amplifiers are oversized to guarantee the full power 24/24 h even in hard environmental conditions.

• 87.5 - 108 MHz: the frequency of these amplifiers can be easily field tuned from 87.5 MHz to 108 MHz without any parts modification.

• Long life tube. The amplifier uses strong and reliable triodes or grounded grid triodes, widely used in the broadcast field, that assure long life and low maintenance costs.

• High efficiency cavities. A revolutionary cavity design without any sliding contact minimizes the losses, increases amplifiers efficiency and the cavities ruggedness.

• Single tube. No coupled tubes for the best system reliability

• Adjustable output power. The tube’s polarization allows the adjustment of output power simply varying the input one.

• Electronic protections with Digital Pre-heating Timer assures an affordable and stable operation protecting units against major fault conditions. Every alarm event is displayed by front panel LEDs and can be resetted by manual control and/or automatic reset control.

• Full metering. All the main parameters of the amplifiers are front panel displayed by a complete measurement system.

• Soft-start circuit control: the gradual insertion of power supply eliminate transient problems during start-up.

• Forced air cooling. An oversized cooling system guarantees regular functioning and long life for the cavity/tube set even in hard environmental places.

• Meets or exceeds international standards for safety and electrical specifications.

FM TUBE Technical Specification :

• Frequency range : 87.5 - 108 MHz (72 -88 MHz optional)
• Maximum output power :

    - 1000 W (KV1500)
    - 2000 W (KV 2500)
    - 4000 W (KV 5000)
    - 5000 W (KV 6000)
    - 8000 W (KV10000)
    - 13.000 W (KV 15000)
    - 18.000 W (KV 20000)

• RF Drive and Power Consumption at full Output Power :

    - 1000 W (KV 1500), 40W, 2000VA, available in : single phase
    - 2000 W (KV 2500), 40 W, 3450VA, available in : single phase
    - 4000 W (KV 5000), 100W, 6000VA, available in : single phase
    - 5000 W (KV 6000), 200W, 8000VA, available in : three or single phase
    - 8000 W (KV 10000), 400W, 15000VA, available in : three phase
    - 13.000 W (KV 15000), 750W, 28000VA, available in : three phase
    - 18.000 W (KV 20000), 1200W, 38000VA, available in : three phase

• Standard Tubes :

    - 1000 W (KV 1500), GS-35-B
    - 2000 W (KV 2500), 3CX1500,8877 or YC 236
    - 4000 W (KV 5000), 3CX3000
    - 5000 W (KV 6000), YU148
    - 8000 W (KV 10000), YU148
    - 13.000 W (KV 15000), 3CX15000A7
    - 18.000 W (KV 20000), 3CX15000A7

• Output Connector :

    - DIN 7/16" (KV 1500) and (KV 2500)
    - EIA 7/8" (KV 5000)
    - EIA 1-5/8" (KV 6000, KV 10000, KV 15000 and KV 20000)

• Input Connector :

    - PL-259 " (KV 1500) and (KV 2500)
    - N/female (KV 5000), (KV 6000) and (KV 10000)
    - DIN 7/8 Female (KV 15000) and (KV 20000)

• Input/Output Impedance : 50 Ω
• Harmonic Suppression : Standard FCC/CCIR requirements
• Metering : Forward/reflected power, plate and grid currents
• Protections (depends on models) :

    - SWR, grid and anode overload, cooling failure, Power Limit
    - Inverted or missing phases, temperature of main parts.
    - Reset, on/off, stand-by (others on request).

• AC Power : 50/60 Hz 220/240 Vac single-phase or 220/380 Vac 3-phases.
• Cooling System : Forced air
• Temperature : From -15°C to +45°C
• Humidity : 95% max.
• Maximum Installation Altitude : 2700 mt (others on request)
• KV 1500 Weight : 182Kgs WxDxH: 545x650x1120 mm
• KV 2500 Weight : 188Kgs WxDxH: 545x650x1160 mm
• KV 5000 Weight : 278Kgs WxDxH: 545x800x1860 mm
• KV 6000 Weight : 378Kgs WxDxH: 545x800x1860 mm
• KV 10000 Weight : 446Kgs WxDxH: 545x800x1860 mm
• KV 15000 Weight : 546Kgs WxDxH: 545x800x1860 mm
Two Cabinets - PSU Transformer Separate
• KV 20000 Weight : 646Kgs WxDxH: 545x800x1860 mm
Two Cabinets - PSU Transformer Separate

Features and specifications subject to change without notice

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